GSAC Lab Representatives

Lab reps are individuals who provide an efficient means of communication from GSAC to the entire department. They are the main point of contact for their respective labs and have the responsibility to keep their lab up to date with department news, information, and events.

The lab representatives are also good resources for first-year students who are interested in learning more about a particular lab. They are the first person to contact when learning about a professor's lab.

 Balsara Deep Shah
 Bell Neelay Phadke
 Clark Samuel Lim
 Graves Don Gidon
 Head-Gordon Jamie Lincoff
 Iglesia Haefa Mansour
 Katz Nico Grosso Giordano   
 Keasling Clara Eng
 Kumar Eric Qiao
 Landry Abraham Beyene
 Long Kristin Colwell
 Maboudian Leslie Chan
 Mandadapu Amaresh Sahu
 McCloskey Eric McShane
 Mesbah Marc Martin-Casas
 Muller Margaret Hwang
 Radke Andrew Crothers
 Reimer Tom Popp
 Schaffer Chris Barnes
 Zhang Frederick Twigg