For Industry

GSAC Industry Outreach

The majority of graduate students in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (~ 75%) pursue careers in industry after completing their Ph.D. One of GSAC’s major goals is to facilitate the career exploration, professional development, and job placement of our department’s graduate students. The best way we can provide these resources is to connect with companies and individuals in industry. In addition, we rely on the support from many of our partners to give us the ability to continue providing these services to our fellow graduate students (please see our giving page).

There are a number of ways individuals or companies can assist in our goals, and we are always looking for new collaborators.



For coordinating interviews and distributing job informational materials, please contact the CBE Graduate Student Affairs Officer or see the College of Chemistry Industry Info webpage. If you would like to present directly to CBE graduate students on general career information, please see the Career Exploration section below.

Career Exploration

Help current graduate students learn about post-graduate opportunities, fields, and career paths. We want to expose our graduate students to industry that is related to their research as well as industry fields outside of it, including non-engineering/non-traditional areas. In addition, information on various career paths within an industry or company is very helpful.

Desired attributes of hosted events are:

  • Lectures or panels on opportunities available to PhD’s after degree completion
  • Exploring traditional and non-traditional PhD career paths
  • Insights from PhD’s (especially UC alumni) in industry

For setting up an event or for more information, please contact us.

Professional Development

Help current graduate students prepare for post-graduate opportunities. This type of information can be also be incorporated in Career Exploration events, described above.

  • Lectures, panels or workshops focused on skills and knowledge that are valued in industry
  • Direct information and insights from industry experts on sought-after attributes and job searching skills
  • Transitioning from graduate school into industrial employment/research
  • Allow students to make contacts with representatives in industry and establish relationships

For setting up an event or for more information, please contact us.