Electronic Funds Transfer

You should sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) here to ensure you receive your stipend in a timely manner.

If you have have previously authorized EFT, it will remain in effect through new semesters and academic years.

For students who have not signed up for EFT, a check will be produced and held for 21 days at Billing and Payment Services, 140 University Hall. Checks that are not picked up within 21 days will be mailed to a student's local address on file in CalCentral or permanent address if no local address is on file.

Checks will also be produced for students who are not registered. Once a student's registration is complete, these will be available for pick up; if registration occurs more than 21 days after a check is generated, it will be mailed.

Please note: EFT for fellowship stipend payments is separate from automatic payroll deposits for GSI/GSR positions. Each needs to be authorized separately.