Prospective Students

Welcome to the Chemical Engineering Graduate Advisory Committee Website: where most things about our program can be found.

Please look through the "Current Graduate Students" and "Incoming Students" tabs to get an idea of the requirements for the program, the different examinations that must be taken, payments, benefits, life in Berkeley, the moving process, etc. If you are interested in talking to current students in the lab, please refer to Lab Representatives, under "About GSAC".

Here you will find resources for finding opportunities for research here at Berkeley and other fabulous institutions. Research is weighed very heavily in the application review process. Having experience here and other universities (your home or other) really shows the potential for excellence in the field.

A link to various programs throughout Berkeley and other institutions is here:

We have close connections to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and they have their own programs through DOE that can expose you to the area and great research. That information is here:

Additionally, reaching out to student/faculty is always an option to get involved in the research.

For more information on the application process and the program, please refer to the College of Chemistry website as well: